Our Semi-Permanent Make-up is offered by Juste, a Cosmetic Technician, with over 5 years of experience in Permanent Cosmetics.
Juste loves to create stunning, realistic and natural looking healed results that highlight your features and save time every day.
What is semi permanent make up?Semi-permanent make up or in other words is micro-pigmentation.The pigment is implanted in the skin with semi - permanent make up tool with gentle techniques to enhance your natural beauty by defining your features.Semi-permanent make up has evolved so much that with current innovative tools, pigments and techniques SPMU technicians can achieve most natural healed results.How long does the treatment take?1.5-3 hours depending on the area, skin type etcHow often should you top up colour?After initial treatment and touch up 4-6 weeks later, you only need to come back for 12-18 months colour boosters.What are immediate results?The immediate result may appear darker in colour, can show minor swelling, but within few days it goes down and colour lightens after the healing process is complete. Healing is a process, however immediate result is visible straight away and you may need just minor tweaks during your touch up session 4-6 weeks later.What’s the healing process?Both preparation & healing process are important part of the result. All advice on how to prepare and how to look after your fresh SPMU enhancement will be provided and clearly explained to you during your consultation & appointmentAftercare instructions will be given during your appointment and it is mandatory to follow for best healed results. Make up or skincare not to be used on treated area during healing process, no sunbeds, no facials allowed during healing process. If you are planning botox, fillers, laser treatments for the treated area, please allow 3-4 weeks gap before / after SPMU treatment. When booking your SPMU enhancement you should keep in mind that for 5-7 days depending which treatment you have, there is going to be minor swelling, redness, flaking and other signs of healing. Please take this in to consideration when booking ahead.Who should benefit from semi-permanent make-up?Most of people would benefit from semi-permanent make up to help define their features for effort free natural looking eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.Saves time and especially great if you are struggling to match your eyebrows every day with a pencil, have asymmetry, or perhaps over-plucked eyebrows that no longer grow back?Great if you are wearing eyeliner every day, or just simply want to enhance and highlight your eyes for effort free eye make upLip blush helps to restore natural loss of pigment in lips especially around the borders. Great for pale lips to restore more colour & make lips look just healthy and defined.

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